Posted by Rodney Hughes

    My nephew was working in a local gas station and convenience store in my home town and in walks this customer. He kept trying to figure out what was so familiar about this customer, he had never met the man before and could not figure out what it was?

    Then it hit him, the fragrance the man was wearing was familiar, so he asked the man, “what cologne are you wearing.” The gentleman quite puzzled said, “I don’t quite remember, someone sent it to me as a gift.” My Nephew replied, “I think you are wearing a fragrance created by my uncle?” The guy replied, “No, I don’t think this fragrance was created by your uncle”, looking strangely my nephew." “I received it as a gift!”

    So my nephew asked, if he could tell him the name of the scent? He said, I am sure its a fragrance my uncle created! The gentleman insisted it couldn’t be, but hold on, I may have the bottle in my car.

    The guy came back into the store and my nephew took a look at the bottle "AUR KASDEEM"! Yes, this fragrance was created by my uncle he's a perfumer living in New York City. The guy was in totally shocked! He and my nephew were connected through the gift of fragrance, even if only momentarily. 

    This story always fascinates me because at the time I had just begun Therapeutate Parfums. I was only one year into it and had sold only two bottles of that fragrance. One bottle to a well know Hollywood celebrity and the other to a writer in Washington D.C.

    The fact that one on those bottles actually ended up in thousands of mile away from New York in my hometown is really amazing. It is simply awe-inspiring, it illustrates the power of fragrance to connect people.

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