Our solution is to minus the chemicals and animal-by-products, then amp up the botanicals. Out of this philosophy is born Therapeutate Parfums. The result is a fragrance line that can be enjoyed by all. The founder of Therapeutate Parfums loves fragrance, but had to stop wearing them for many years due to chemical sensitivity. It has been the same for his partner along with many people he has encountered. 

Our products have been available on Etsy since 2009 for which we currently maintain a presence. In 2010 Therapeutate Parfums was born with the premier of au natural. Today, Therapeutate Parfums' focus in on pure botanical perfumes and apothecary. We believe that all great things start in nature, and are born of the earth. That is why, we bring the modern consumer luxury fragrances and aromatic products matching the lifestyles they live. 

Essentially, we are the "grass-fed" option to other brands filled with petrochemicals and animal-by-products. In contrast, Therapeutate Parfums is made using raw materials that are organic, therapeutic, wild grown and harvested. Even the grape seed alcohol used to make our perfumes is sourced from the California Wine Country.

In 2016, Our brand was given a new look, heavy glass flacons, fine mist sprayers which deliver soft application, invisible dip tubes, modern minimalist packaging, all making up what we call the "New Look." We premiered our new branding this this year at the CAPSULE/ ELEMENTS Showcase in Las Vegas and NYC. CaFleurebon featured Therapeutate Parfums as "Best in Show" and Fragrantica wrote an amazing review on our brand and the nose behind it. To find out more about Therapeutate Parfums visit us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Therapeutate Parfums goes to great lengths to create fragrances that you will be proud to wear and experience their euphoric effects on the senses. We invite you to live by our motto, "INHALE LIFE."