CaFleureBon - "2016 Best Natural Perfumer"

Our solution is to minus the aroma-chemicals and animal-by-products, then amp up the botanicals. Out of this philosophy is born Therapeutate Parfums. The result is fragrances that can be worn and enjoyed by everyone. The founder of Therapeutate Parfums loves fragrance, but was forced to stop wearing them due to sensitivity to the chemicals used in making many fragrances. Research has shown that many consumers have had similar experiences while wearing or engaging with fragrance in their environments. 

Essentially, we are the "natural" option to other brands filled with petro-chemicals, isolates and animal-by-products. In contrast, Therapeutate Parfums are made using raw materials that are pure, organic, wild-harvest and therapeutic.

We have maintained a presence on Etsy since 2009. The following year Therapeutate Parfums was born with the premier of au Natural. Today, Therapeutate Parfums' focus in on pure botanical fragrances and apothecary. We believe that all great things start in nature, and are born of the earth. That is why our focus is on pure botanical ingredients when it comes to crafting our brand.  

In 2016, Our brand was given a new look, heavy glass flacons, fine mist sprayers which deliver soft application, invisible dip tubes, modern minimalist packaging, all making up what we call our "New Look." We premiered this new branding in 2015 at the CAPSULE/ ELEMENTS Showcase in Las Vegas and NYC.

Therapeutate Parfums goes to great lengths to create fragrances that you will be proud to wear and experience their euphoric effects on the senses. We invite you to live by our motto, "INHALE LIFE."