100% Certified Natural Perfume: Botanical Perfume makes all the difference. 

 In 2016, Ca Fleure Bon named our perfumer Rodney Hughes, "Best Natural Perfumer." Luca Turin says,........"not just good, but rich, complex, balanced distinctive compositions made with hella good materials." Jodi Battershell of Fragrantica calls our Cardamom Rose, "a beautifully balanced blend and one of the most unique-smelling natural perfumes I've encountered in some time."

Do you have a sensitivity to fragrance made with aroma chemicals, isolates & animal products?

Our solution is to minus the aroma-chemicals and animal-by-products, then amp up the botanicals. Out of this philosophy is born Therapeutate Parfums. The result is fragrances that can be worn and enjoyed by everyone. The founder of Therapeutate Parfums loves fragrance, but was forced to stop wearing them due to sensitivity to the chemicals used in making many fragrances. Research has shown that many consumers have had similar experiences while wearing or engaging with fragrance in their environments. 

Essentially, we are the "100% Natural" option to other brands filled with aroma-chemicals, isolates and animal-by-products. Others combine aroma-chemicals with natural raw materials which represents the majority of fine and niche fragrance brands. 

"Many of these brands advertise the the feeling of being filled with nature's bounty, but in reality are filled with synthesized molecules." Fragrance industry experts will say, "that you can not express the artistry fine perfume without synthetics" or "that nature is more harmful than, the chemically laden fragrances they advertising as being good." For this, the consumer must decide what's right for them.

Therapeutate Parfums simply offers you an alternative to what is held up as conventional thinking, compare and decide for yourself. In contrast, We take it a leap forward by composed well balanced, complex and completely botanical fragrances. Our brand is made using raw materials that are pure and natural. These ingredients are sourced from around the globe and harvested from the earth. 

Our focus is on pure botanical fragrances and apothecary. We believe that all great things start in nature, and are born of the earth. That is why our focus is on pure botanical ingredients when it comes to crafting our brand.  

We are driven by sustainability. In 2016, Our brand was given a new persona with heavy glass bottles that are completely recyclable by removable of the fine mist sprayers which deliver soft application. After disengaging the crimp-less delivery system, it allowing for refills and replacement with a new one.

These updates along with invisible dip tubes and modern minimalist packaging made from recyclable paper all making up what we call our "New Look." We premiered our new branding in 2015 at the CAPSULE/ ELEMENTS Showcase in Las Vegas and NYC. 

I guess you could say, We are very proud of our Artistic Vision at Therapeutate Parfums. We go to great lengths to create fragrances that you will be proud to wear and experience. Our motto is "INHALE LIFE."

Certified Member, Natural Perfumers Guild

Certified Natural Perfumer, International Perfume Foundation